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What to wear to look great on Zoom Calls

With all of these zoom classes and meetings we are experiencing and going to, it can be difficult to figure out what looks best. Clearly, tube tops, off the shoulder, or any sort of nude is a big no! Here, I am going to show you some looks to just feel comfortable with yourself on zoom, which is a common struggle!

  1. Any sort of fun neckline

Here, I am wearing a milkmaid long sleeve top. This top and tops like this are such a great effortless look because it gives you a little bit of fancy but in reality, they are so comfy and look just fine with sweats!

2. A colour to match your eyes

Whether you have dark brown or ice blue eyes, picking a colour to match your eyes is such a great quality for those 8 am-3 pm zoom calls. Because all you are able to see is your face in most classes, by wearing a matching colour, you can really make your beautiful face pop!

3. Crewneck hoodies

Such a great piece to layer with necklaces or a messy bun, or a just out of bed look. It is so comfy and effortless but is still a little bit more of a look that makes you look like you didn't just roll out of bed to find the closest sweater to you ;)

4. Small tanks

Here, it can be really easy to go wrong lol but if worn right it is such a comfy and eye-catching look. Personally, I think that darker colours for these tanks are better. They can really catch the eye by giving a bare and simple morning look. Best worn with glasses to give it a cute and simple look!!

We hoped you enjoyed this read and were able to take some helpful advice from it!

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