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The First Challenge- Picking Out an Outfit

I love putting together outfits. I could spend hours trying on all of my clothes. Seriously, it is one of my favorite pass times and it has almost become a hobby. However, there is a problem. I love to sleep in as late as possible. So, most mornings I rush out of the door with my shoes untied. I have no time to plan an outfit. Not to mention that my closet is usually a disaster.

The solution I have come up with involves my favorite app, Pinterest. I set apart a period of time, maybe an hour to try on my clothes and create different outfits. I take a picture of each outfit as I go along.

Once I am done, I add the photos to a Pinterest board I have created. In the morning, I can scroll through the outfits on the board and choose one I like for the day. This is what mine looks like!

I always start out with a simple item, a white tank top for example. I pair it with multiple bottoms and layers. While doing so, I try to make sure I have options for different seasons and occasions.

For example:

I started off with this white tank top. I paired it with this skirt for a summer look, or a day with friends look.

Then, with these jeans and denim jacket for a fall look.

Finally, I paired it these jeans and puffy jacket for a school or winter look.

By then end you might have a pile of clothes in the corner of your room, but that means you did the job right!

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