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5 Spring Pieces to Star in Any Outfit

Hi there!

I really wanted to write about something seasonal. Though I might be a little late to the game, considering it is already April, but I want to share with you my favorite pieces for this spring!

I love to have a certain item of clothing that stands out in each of my outfits. Each piece I have included makes statement, or is the focus of any outfit.

Skirts are a staple in the warmer seasons. This skirt is from Urban Outfitter's BDG collection. They no longer sell it, but they have a very similar skirt here. This skirt is a dainty, dust pink. It adds the perfect amount of color, and the white button goes well with a white shirt.

Of course I had to include a floral print somewhere in this post! This top is from Nordstrom, and I am in love with its square neckline. Though it is form fitting in the chest area, the edges of it are loose and flowing, as well as the sleeves. It is the perfect balance between form fitting and flowing.

Nothing says “Spring” like a pair of white jeans, you can get them here. I think that white jeans are essential to brighten your outfit. They are a change from your everyday blue jeans. I specifically like them because they complement bright colors, but they also contrast dark colors, so they go well with almost any shirt. 

My favorite piece for this spring is this neon green jacket, you can get it here. It is a signature piece of my closet, and is the star of every outfit. I like to pair it with a simple top and bottom to emphasize it (also to make sure it is not too overwhelming). The jacket is from free people. I really love the gigantic breast pockets on either side of the jacket. They are perfect for holding phones, wallets and anything important. It also gives the jacket a utilitary look which I love.


I found these unique neon pants at a local thrift store. They are so unique, and that is what I love about thrifting. Not only can you find items like these pants, but is much cheaper while causing very little environmental impact. As soon as I tried them on I knew they were coming home with me. I think their bright color makes a statement, and is perfect for spring!

Thank you for reading! Click to find more inspiration!

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