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Making a Bucket Hat From Scratch!

I love bucket hats. They are adorable and can elevate any outfit. This post will help you through the process of sewing them yourself! This way you can pick out the color and fabric you want the hat to be, and customize it to your liking.


Most importantly make sure that you have all of these materials before you get started! You will need a pattern (you can find the one I used here), scissors, tape, pins, a sewing machine, thread, and fabric.

For my fabric I will be using this pair of pink dress pants. You can go to your local crafts store and get the fabric there, I go to second hand stores instead to find fabric because it is less expensive; and by buying and using second hand clothes, you can potentially keep it out of landfills.

In terms of finding fabric at second hand stores, jeans and pants work best because their fabric is often sturdy, and there is a lot of it. I am choosing this pink pair of dress pants because I love the color and they are a lot too big for me so there will be plenty of fabric for the bucket hat.

1. The first step is to print out the pattern.

2. Cut out the pattern -make sure that you cut as close to the line as possible

3. Next, lay out the pattern and connect the pieces together using tape.

4. Keep in mind that you will have to cut out two copies of each piece of the pattern. Lay out the pattern on your fabric.

5. Cut out two copies of the pattern, leaving you with six total pieces of fabric.

6. On the pattern, the three pieces are labeled 1, 2, and 3. Pin the circle piece, labeled one, to the piece labeled two. Make sure to connect the edge of the circle to the smaller side of piece 2. The outside of each piece should be touching each other, leaving the back side of the fabric on the outside. The second piece will not lay completely flat and should stick up as shown.

7. Once you have finished pinning, connect the ends of piece 2 together by pinning.

8. Sew. It does not matter the color of thread you use for the bucket hat, but I will be using white thread. Make sure you connect the ends of piece 2 together before sewing it to piece 1, the circle. While sewing piece 1 to piece 2, make sure to follow the curve of the circle.

9. Once you are done, it should look like this when flipped outside out.

10. Now you need to pin piece 3 to the other edge of piece 2. Make sure to pin the smaller side of piece 3 to piece 2.

11. Once you are done pinning all the way around, connect the end of the third strip of fabric together by pinning it.

12. Sew. Make sure you connect the ends of piece 3 together before sewing it to piece 2.

13. Now repeat steps 6 through 12 with the other set of pieces.

14. Now, cut off all of the excess threads of both hats.

15. Flip one of the hats inside out. Then, place it onto of the other like so.

16. Pin the edges of the hat together.

17 Sew. IMPORTANT: make sure not to sew all the way around, so that you can flip the hat from inside out to outside out.

18. Flip the hat outside out.

20. Complete the hat by tucking the edge of the hat where you pulled it through to make it outside out into the hat, and sew to close it up.

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