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How to: prints and textures!

Prints and textures! Where to begin! It can be so challenging to find a way to put them together these days. We're here to help you out, the easiest way we can. Instead of a formal blog post, I'm going to give you some do's and don'ts meaning what will and won't look great together!


  • Denim on denim

  • Denim on glitter

  • Denim on fuzzy

  • Denim on floral

  • Denim on neon

  • Denim on knit

  • Denim on corduroy

  • Denim on linen

  • Denim on leather

  • Black denim on glitter

  • Black denim on knit

  • Black denim on glitter

  • Black denim on cheetah print

  • Black denim on knit

  • Leather on cotton

  • Leather on white prints

  • Silk on denim

  • Silk on cotton

  • Silk on tan, black, or grey patterns

  • Corduroy on denim

  • Corduroy on floral

  • Corduroy on silk

  • Corduroy on cotton

  • Corduroy on corduroy


  • Denim on Mesh

  • Denim on athletic wear

  • Black denim on floral

  • Black denim on leather

  • Black denim on linen

  • Black denim on fuzzy

  • Black denim on corduroy

  • Black denim on athletic wear

  • Leather on floral

  • Leather on athletic wear

  • Leather on silk

  • Leather on denim

  • Silk on denim

  • Silk on neon

  • Silk on colorful patterns

  • Silk on leather

  • Silk on fuzzy

  • Silk on Mesh

  • Corduroy on neon

  • Corduroy on mesh

  • Corduroy on knit

  • Corduroy on leather

  • Corduroy on glitter

  • Corduroy on fuzzy

  • Corduroy on linen

Email us or reach out below if you have any questions or have a specific question relating to patterns and/or textures!

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