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How to Easily and Properly Crop your things!

Hey! If you ever have to cut, hem, or fix, your clothing because it turned out to not fit the way you want, we've got you covered in 3 easy steps. In this article you'll find the best way to uniquely crop jeans to sweaters, because this method works for everything!

You will need:

  • the item you are cropping

  • scissors (preferably special fabric ones)

  • a ruler

  • tweezers

Step 1/2.

Measure, and cut off the part you don't want anymore. ( The measure part is specifically important)

Step 3.

Grab your tweezers and start pulling at the bottom. This is what it should look like!

This gives the item a super "raw" cut at the bottom :)

See how easy that was? I'm so glad we could help!

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