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Eden's Thrift Tips

Thrifting is a great and eco friendly alternative from buying clothes first hand.

I really encourage you to seek out local thrift stores and markets, that way you can support eco friendly fashion and local businesses at the same time.

But, if you're going to Goodwill, always check what discounts are going on, for example at Goodwill different tag colors will be discounted for each day of the week. If you optimize on this you can save a lot of money.

Always get a cart regardless of how many things you are planning on getting. You can always add things you like, then go through it before you check out.

Keep an eye out for new racks. These haven't been picket through yet by other shoppers.

Also keep an eye out for items that have fallen, as well as items at the end of racks that are out of place, or on top of the racks. These items have been discarded by others who have already picked them out.

Here are some sections I always look through:

Always check the sleepwear section. They often have pretty slip dresses.

Look in the men's t shirt section for cute oversized t-shirts.

I always go through the women's tank tops section, but keep in mind that they will more likely need to be altered.

Finally, the skirt section is always full of really cute skirts

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